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  • Online Gallery of professionally edited digital images
  • Easy image downloads for sharing on social media 
  • Built in Print Shop for easy ordering for everyone
  • Planning assistance & vendor recommendations
  • Timeline suggestion & preparation of materials
  • Virtual & Real Life site scouting & mapping

No matter how much you invest, every package we offer has essential services you can rely on and the support you didn't know you needed.

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One of our most favorite things to do other than adventure is to plan one out! We like to turn on a good album, drink tea, lay out the maps, flip through the books, zoom around in Google Earth, read other adventure blogs, and get comfy with our cats when in Dream Mode, aka trip planning. We are only an email away from planning our next trip with you.


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F+K = Team Awesome

The Packages:


We firmly do not believe in the wedding tax philosophy of "it's expensive because you're getting married." Investing your money in an adventure wedding or elopement is a big deal and we want you to get the full value.  Every wedding is unique as your love, so we like to offer starting prices to help with budgeting of both time and money. We keep the secret travel padding out of our prices and quote your trip by the mile. If you need co-vendor support, we can help you with chartering services.

Overall, our prices are reflective of high quality work, highly technical expertise, and a really good time. We offer complimentary custom quotes that reflect exactly what you are getting out of the experience of hiring Natural Unions.

We offer payment plans for all packages!


Recommended for:
Adventure Elopements & Large Weddings

The ultimate offering for multi-day adventure weddings & elopements

Package Includes:
  • Basecamp Support
  • 2 photographers
  • 300+ professionally edited images
  • Digital delivery & online gallery hosting
  • Heirloom Box with 20 Dream Prints, Acrylic block print & Archival USB drive
  • 20 page bespoke photo album, optional artistic upgrades

Starting at $6,500

16 HOURS +



Recommended for:
Elopements & Weddings

Designed for most weddings and adventure elopements



Package Includes:
  • Basecamp Support
  • 2 photographers
  • 200+ professionally edited images
  • Digital delivery & online gallery hosting
  • Heirloom Box with Dream Prints, Acrylic block print & Archival USB drive
  • 10 page bespoke book cloth photo album

Starting at $ 3,500


Ideal for portraits. Available locally.
Not suitable for ceremonies.



Recommended for:
Engagements, Anniversaries 
Couples Who Got Married At The Courthouse

Package Includes:
  • Basecamp Support
  • 1 photographer
  • Up to 50 professionally edited images
  • Digital delivery & online gallery hosting
  • Social media ready downloads

Starting at $550

The Process:

Fill out and submit the contact form. This is the first step to establishing contact and insuring that we are the best fit for your adventure!

1. Reach OUt -Make Contact

Fill out a questionnaire and book a time to hop on a phone call or video chat so that we can dig into the details of your dreams, answer questions, and finalize the proposal.

2. Q & A Session - gathering Info

Finalize plans with us and make your financial investment through our secure payment portal. Once you sign your contract and set up a payment schedule, we are all YOURS for your Special Day!!!

3. Planning - Solidifying Ideas

After all the lists have been checked thrice, and all the travel to the meet up location is accomplished, we finally get to get going on your big adventure!
This is what we have been waiting for!!

4. Meet up - Adventure Time

We invest considerable time to process all of the emotions and photographs we made together. We love to spend the extra time others often don’t in order to process your photos perfectly for digital viewing and for high quality prints.

5. Rest Up - Editing & Delivery

Your online gallery will be sent to you to proof, share, and make special print requests. Your printed goods will pass our high grade inspection before we ship them to your doorstep.

6. Delivery - Online & In Real Life

Please be honest. We want to hear from you, from the heart, how much you loved (or hated) working with us. We are an ever growing and learning creative team, so we welcome the feedback.

7. Feedback - It’s Always Welcome

We aren’t your one-and-done photography duo—we love to stay in touch with our couples! Expect a special celebration of your partnership around your anniversary date.

8. Happy Anniversary!!!

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Tessi - MiWuk, CA

"They are cool as hell!! I can't say enough positive things about Natural Unions...I loved their hype of getting into the mindset on that day with their props and enthusiasm. Their artistic talent and professionalism truly shines. They made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. Working with them on that beautiful day is an everlasting memory we will cherish forever."

Kendra - Murphys, CA

Natural Unions was an absolutely amazing experience that we'll never forget! I've never had so much fun and felt so beautiful while surrounded by epic vistas and sunsets! ...My husband and I are more seasoned hikers, so we went on more difficult treks, but Kira will always make sure the journey fits the traveler. And thanks to the combined talent of Forrest's post-editing, everyone who sees our photos is blown away like we were. In one picture, he somehow turned a day shot into a night shot with crazy editing magic. My husband and I don't just recommend, but demand, that if you're thinking about an outdoor photo adventure with Kira, do it! It's not just a photoshoot, it's an adventure with the person you love.

Aubree - Sonora, CA

"Our life together has been an adventure. I knew I wanted something special to encapsulate the essence of us for our 10 year vow renewal. Natural Unions' photography was perfect. The day was an adventure itself. They were flexible with our sporadic nature and changing weather. We went to many locations to find the Goldilocks of what we were looking for. When we verbalized our commitment to each other it was in the serenity of nature. The photos are absolutely breathtaking and ones we will cherish for the rest of life’s adventure together."

Lara - Long Barn, CA

"Our 10 year anniversary photo shoot and family portraits with Kira turned into an intimate, heartfelt, and powerful vow renewal ceremony. Her calm energy allowed us to experience the last 10 years over a mountain sunset and we now have a beautiful set of photos to remember it by. We highly recommend Natural Unions."

Holly - Murphys, CA

"We hired Natural Unions photography for our wedding in the redwood state park near our home. They truly captured the majesty and magic of the location coupled with the love and excitement of our ceremony. We will always treasure these beautiful mementos of our wedding. Highly recommend! 

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